8 Unique Fashion Hacks For Short Men To Look Attractive

If you are reading this post, chances are that you might possess a short height and are wondering what are the top easy ways to look stylish and handsome in 2017? Well, Guys! Being short has both its perks and challenges. This means if you’re short, you can still look as smart and charismatic as any other guy. Although, sometimes you many need to struggle to find a right kind of fashion that won’t let you down and makes you look taller.

Friends! Just remember, if you’re short in height, that doesn’t mean you have to even look short. There are plenty of tricks that can help you carry your height wonderfully, but the unique fashion hacks for short men mentioned in this post will actual help you look taller than your DNA intended!Amazing stylish outfits for boys try this year.

Fashion Hacks For Short Men

Wear Vertical Stripes!

Isn’t, anything that elongates your height is a good thing. For example, vertical stripes in clothing can help extend the look of your shorter body structure. You can go for patterns such as chalk stripes, pin stripe, zigzag stripes and herringbone as one of the best options for the “vertical” effect.

Don’t Wear Short Sleeves!

That’s true, short sleeves will shorten your arms size! So, to avoid this – Instead of wearing a short-sleeved button down, choose to wear a long sleeved shirt and then cuff the sleeves.

Choose Small Plaids!

Small plaid shirts are always a wise choice for short men. They look sophisticated and rank among unique fashion hacks for short men. Don’t wear shirts with larger checks rather go for smaller ones? Got it! If you want to wear a belt, go for the one matching with your dress.

You can look Smart…without a tie!

Wearing tie is a torture, especially in summer for short men. If you want to go out for a casual event, just throw away your tie. Put on your favorite tee, sports jacket, dark jeans and leather shoes. You’ll look smart and feel confident.

Keep Accessories Simple!

To maintain a classy sweep, avoid anything that will draw your friend’s attention below your chest. Avoid flashy watches and big belt buckles. And, if you really wish to have that flair in your appearance, go for options such as – a hat or a bright pocket square.

Stick to a Monochrome Palette!

How about wearing a monochrome color scheme? Wearing contrasting shades rather than just colors, will streamline your look and help to create an illusion of height. If you ever try to mix the colors, keep the darker ones on the lower half of your body and lighter shades on top.

It’s among one of the unique fashion hacks for short men that gives you a fine look.

Opt for Dark Shades and Light Fabrics!

Yes, dark colors, especially black tend to have a larger slimming effect than light shades and help shorter men seem more elongated. Similarly, heavy fabrics tend to make you look fluffy, bulkier and shorter.

Don’t wear Pants too

If you’re short, don’t you dare wear your pants too high; just try to wear them above your hips?Low-rise pants tend to make your legs look even shorter than they actually are. Also, keep in mind that pants with single pleat are more flattering than multiple pleats.This summer try spike cool hairstyles to look cool.

So, guys! If you’re dissatisfied with your height, don’t be tensed anymore. Unfortunately, we have no control over how tall we will be, but these unique fashion hacks for short men are like a blessing for many of you. Buddies! Remember, that the key is not necessarily to look as tall you can, but to look as smart as you can and with the right style you can definitely look fabulous, regardless of your height!