5 Types of Fabric to Avoid in Summers

Sweating is just so natural! We all sweat. In fact sweating is considered good. It opens up your body pores and helps remove all toxins from your body. But the thing is it doesn’t look good! Whenever we are sweating we feel uncomfortable, we feel irritated. Not only might we ourselves, but those seeing us not appreciate this even though this being a natural phenomenon.

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Although there cannot be a control over it but then just to make sure we sweat at least as possible we can suggest you the fabrics not to wear in summers.So, here we are with a list of types of fabrics to avoid in summers.Want  to know how to manicure so here are some tips.

Types of Fabric to Avoid in Summers


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Polyester is the hidden element of a number of clothes. Be it a chiffon dress or satin dresses, all of them have a percent of polyester hidden in them. Polyester will make you sweat in seconds. No matter how light and airy a polyester fabric is, it is not the right choice for those sweating summers. Polyester is a fabric which is to be avoided in summers.


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Nylon is dominating our closet. Our leggings, jeggings, workout wears, stockings etc. are all made of nylon. This fabric has a tendency to stick to your skin and it feels like hell if we wear it. With a little sweat you would feel like just taking it off that very moment. This fabric is a total no for workouts and hectic field work schedule.  Nylon is good for swimwear, except that it would make you feel uncomfortable especially doing summers.


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Rayon or what is also known as viscose is a disguise! It appears to be a thin cotton fabric but it actually isn’t. It is sometimes sold by calling it cotton but this fabric tends to hold a lot of moisture. Wear pure cotton to keep yourself comfortable and rayon is a type of fabric to be avoided in summer.


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Silk is beautiful and it looks very good when worn. No, doubt silk looks attractive but darling it isn’t meant for a hot weather. It will look great in moderate and cold weather but during extreme summers it will give you a lot of uneasiness. Silk is something to be worn with caution during extreme summers! If you sweat, the silk fabric will stick and make you feel uncomfortable.

Light colored fabrics

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No doubt the mere look of light colored fabrics makes us fall in love with it but then light colored clothes are not a very good idea but they show off all the sweat. If you ever notice someone wearing all black during summers, their sweat won’t be seen. This I not because they don’t sweat but because dark colors don’t let it reflect at all. Dark colors also look very formal and are a perfect option for office wears. Even we love those white and yellow bright and light shirts but then we don’t like to be seen sweating! So, girls avoid light and try out of darker outfits.

Cottons are best fabrics for summer seasons. They are comfortable and absorb water and therefore make you sweat less. Cottons are easily available in lowers as well now. Cotton trousers look too cool and classy and are available in a wide variety of colors. Even georgettes are good for summers, provided they are with a cotton lining!! But anyhow, whatever you wear make sure you avoid the above said type of fabrics and save yourself for uneasiness and that hell lot of sweating. And yeah before we end let us tell you even plastic fabrics aren’t meant for summers! Especially those sticky plastic footwear, they should be a total no! Have a great day!