Ten Quick Makeup Tips for Working Women

In today’s highly competitive environment, women spend most of their time at work such as in offices, banks, multi-national companies and schools. So, it’s quite important to be updated in terms of fashion, makeup and outfits you carry. However, looking professional at the same time is also essential. Your appearance plays a vital role on the success path of your job. It’s very important for working women to style appropriately according to the occasion and atmosphere of the office.

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Working women usually find it difficult to have time for even a simple makeup in the morning between all those hazels of household work, preparing breakfast for all and so many other things. So, here we provide you with some easy and quick makeup tips for working women without taking much of your time.For business women here are some sleek fashion looks for business women.

Quick Makeup Tips for Working Women

Try Natural Lip Colors

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Wearing lip colors that are too dark for office may make you look totally different from others. Try matte-based lip colors to help them last for long. Natural shades of pink and mauve will complement your skin color.

Use Water-Proof Mascara

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You should strictly avoid use of liquid eye liners as they consume time. They need time for drying when you are in a hurry and want to rush for your office. Instead, you can give a gentle touch-up with water proof mascara for absolute stunning look.

Wash Face with Cleanser

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It’s necessary to wash your face with a deep cleanser. After deep cleaning, don’t rub your face otherwise you will develop red marks instantly. It’s better to use tinted moisturizers instead of those oily foundations or compact for work.

Don’t Blush On

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It’s one of the quick makeup tips for working women. Try to keep your look as simple as you can. If you want to add glow to your cheeks you can apply highlighter over it with light colors. Don’t try to overdo, otherwise you will look like a road artist during day time.

Brighten Your Eyes

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It’s truly said that actual beauty lies in simplicity. If you want to give your eyelids an elegant effect, then use brown or grey eye shadow over it. You can also apply lots of mascara to brighten your eyes. Don’t forget to comb out your eyelashes for a better look.

Use Gel Based Eyeliner

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Running of eyeliner is the most common problem faced by working women. To correct that makeup disaster, take an ear bud and remove the smudges smoothly. To avoid running of eyeliner, it’s advisable not to apply moisturizers around eye area as it lead to smudging. Instead, you can use gel based eyeliner to cover it.

Maintenance of Nails

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Nails need to be clipped and smoothly shaped. Try to use plastic or rubber gloves while doing household works. To protect your nail and nail paint for long time, always apply a transparent color after 2 coats of your favorite color.

Use Concealer

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To have flawless skin for official get together, you can apply concealer matching your skin tone. It is also helpful in covering dark circles near eye area.

Wear Simple Hairstyle

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Long and beautiful hairs attract eyes of the people towards your look. Simple hairstyle always shows your dedication towards the work and the loyalty towards organization. Tying hair in the form of long or short pony look stylish as well as professional.

Apply Water Based Foundation

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You just have to add a drop of water to your foundation for a light coverage over face area and to make the foundation stay for longer hours. Foundation should be close to your skin tone.

All above mentioned quick makeup tips for working women should be applied in such a way that they compliment you during your working hours.Have a look on some decent winter work outfits.


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