5 Summer Vs Winter Hair Care Tips

You might have noticed as the seasons change i.e. from summer to winter or winter to summer, certain products or hair creams necessary for the maintenance of your natural hair in daily  routine seems to be useless and gives you hardly any positive results. This doesn’t mean that products are not up to mark; it’s only because of the change in environmental conditions. Here, in this article we present summer Vs winter hare care tips to avoid excessive damage to your beautiful hair.

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It’s observed that in summer months hair gets harmed in many different ways such as – spending too much time in a swimming pool aka chlorinated water, over exposure to sun’s harmful rays, days are longer and you may travel to long distances.All these reasons are enough to cause long-term hair damage.In this summer try perfect short hairstyles.

Now, let’s talk about winter months? The cold weather makes your hair look quite dry, gives you itchy scalp, split-ends and fizzy hair leading to dandruff, infection and other scalp problems.

Summer Vs Winter Hair Care Tips

Here are some really great summer Vs winter hair care tips that helps you in regaining moisture and nutrients back into your hair –

1). In summers, it’s important to cover your head with a scarf or hat whenever you are in direct exposure to sun. This helps your scalp to retain moisture and provide extra protection from harmful UV radiations. Moreover, a hat reduces damages caused by strong winds and gives extra protection to color-treated hair.

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Whereas, it’s true that in winter, hairs are more prone to breakage and split-ends. The best alternative to avoid split-ends is to get you hairs regularly trimmed i.e. after every two months. Doing this, make your hair grow faster and healthier.

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2). In summers, avoid excessive use of cosmetics. During summer months make sure that you opt for less chemical hair treatments as summer already dries your hair to large extent. Too much coloring whether at beauty salon or home should be avoided.

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Whereas, in winters one should avoid excessive blow-drying. Blow-drying damages hair cuticles, further leading to breakage and split-ends. To avoid this, best option is to leave hair to dry naturally.

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3). In summers, shampooing daily will cause more harm to your natural looking long hair. Use of too much shampoo dries your hair and leads to uneven hair. If your hair gets oily or greasy easily, go for a mild shampoo which is good for hot summer days.

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Whereas, in winters to restore moisture, shine and softness back to your hair, applying intense hair conditioning mask is a good option. Mixture of banana with milk and raw honey is an excellent choice for smooth effect.

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4). Avoid heating in summers. As hairs are already exposed to a significant amount of heat on daily basis in summers, so try to blow dry hair your hair as less as possible. Avoid too much use of flat irons resulting in more damage to already-dry hair.

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Whereas, in winters it’s better to stay away from commercial styling hairspray and gels that leads to hair damage. In fact, opt for natural hairspray products to style your hair.

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5). In summers, don’t shampoo before swimming. To bear the heat during summer days, you absolutely love to hit towards pool. But, remember do not shampoo before you go for a swim as this will remove all protective oils from your hair and make it extra vulnerable to the chemicals present in water.

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Whereas, in winters take cold showers. Hot water dries your hair and easily pulls away moisture from your hair, instead go for old water bath. It strengthens your hair, prevents them from getting clogged and improves better blood circulation.  Summer Vs Winter Hair Care Tips0091

At last, following these amazing summer Vs winter hair care tips you can easily vanish all you hair related tensions in few seconds.Give your hairstyles a new way try amazing color ideas.