9 Successful Tips To Lock Your Makeup All Day

When you think of spring or summers, a splendid day at the beach comes to your mind without any second thought. But for makeup lovers, the sweltering weather brings a total mess to their makeup. This means a melting foundation and smudged eyeliner. You spend hours to recreate that beautiful work of art; however, the heat melts that away. Isn’t that frustrating!!

Are you working your fingers to the bone to ensure the ultimate longevity of your makeup? If yes, then the below-mentioned surefire tricks and tips can let your makeup beat the heat. Let’s get started to know the fail-proof tips:

Tips To Lock Your Makeup All Day

Exfoliation Is Key

For preparing your skin for makeup application, exfoliation is important. Essentially, the smoother the surface is, the better the application will be and the longer it will last. Once a week, polish your skin with a good exfoliation or to remove all the dead cells. On an exfoliated face, the makeup blends well and behaves better all day long.

Hydrate Your Skin With A Moisturizer

If your skin is not hydrated, your artwork on your face begins to accumulate into fine lines and appears more uneven. Ensure to moisturize your skin with a moisturizer. If your skin is oily, use a water-based moisturizer whereas if your skin feels dry, pick the oil-based one.

Don’t Skip A Primer

For avid beauty lovers, priming products are integral. Invest on a high-quality primer because it seals in the moisturizer and gives an even surface for makeup application. By thoroughly applying a primer on your face, you can retain the freshness of the makeup for several additional hours of the day.

Don’t Forget To Layer It Up

Despite applying one heavy layer, why not build light layers. This is the best way to ensure that the makeup lasts for a longer time than expected. In fact, it makes your makeup appear natural. This trick applies to your lipstick, eye makeup, and base as well.

Seal Your Makeup With Powder

Don’t forget to seal the application with a translucent powder. It not only smoothen the look of the makeup but also remove excess oil. Dust your eye as well as face makeup with a layer of powder and you are ready to enhance the wear-time of the application.

Know The Importance Of Spraying

A setting spray is another way to lock your makeup for all day. Choose a non-sticky spray as it not only acts as a makeup sealant but also hydrates your face. So, make a habit of spraying before leaving the house to prevent makeup meltdown.

Become A Lip Mapping Pro

Want to learn how to set your favorite lipstick? Well, the key to make your lipstick last longer is by sandwiching the hue. Use a lip liner to frame your lips. Map corners and cupids bow and give a proper structure to your lips. Later, apply lipstick with a brush and blot it with powder. Finish it with another layer of lipstick to offer it a long lasting effect.

Choose A Brighter Blush

You are always scared of your blush fading away. Isn’t it?? Now, get out of the fear by applying a blush that is a few shades brighter than the normal one. As the color gradually fades in, the brighter color will make you noticeable all day long.

Stop Touching Your Face

Resist yourself from touching your face throughout the day. If you touch your face, the oil on your hands would be transferred to face, resulting in a smudged makeup.For women top 8 unboring outfits ideas to try this year.

So, ladies!! Try the aforesaid no-brainer tricks to keep your makeup in place all day long.