40 Simple Yet Stylish Outfits For School

School days are among the special time of the life, isn’t it? This life will be remembered forever as these are the best years of one’s life. So, when it comes to school every girl looks for cute outfits that are going to be easy to put together and trendy enough to last you throughout the entire day as the looks of the girl at this age is fascinating, they look beautiful and have an attractive personality. So, this calls for simple yet stylish outfit ideas for school to enhance their looks.


If you’re among such fashionable girls, then it is your right to know the latest fashion trend in the market. Which dress will suit you the best is also something to discover and explore? This article is a sum up of such trending information about the fashion trends to be adopted by the school girls. Here are 7 impressive and easy outfits for school to try.This summer try simple summer outfits.

Simple Yet Stylish Outfits For School

T-shirt worn with a pair of Slim Khakis!

Looking for comfortable outfit for lazy summer afternoons in school? Khakis are a right choice as they can be paired with a t-shirt of any color.  Accessorizing it with a broad bracelet and layered necklace make the outfit look super chic.

White T-shirt!

You can never go wrong with jeans and a white t-shirt. This look is both comfortable and casually trendy. In fact, there are many stylish ways to dress-up a plain t-shirt to make it look more sophisticated. For example – add a denim jacket or cardigan over your white t-shirt for a stunning look.

Long Shrug!

Now-a-days, shrugs are gaining much popularity and categorized among simple yet stylish outfit ideas for school girls. Well! Today, you can easily find varieties of shrugs in markets each with different designs and colors. Bright color long shrug worn with short thigh length dress looks really attractive. So, fashionables! Get it today and make our school friends jealous.

A Striped Sweater!

Sweaters come in all different styles and fabrics. To have less of a lazy look in colder days, you can wear a pair of denim joggers with a nice striped sweater and a cute jacket. This jacket/sweater duo is a great outfit to wear to class. Add a pair of converse sneakers to really pull the entire look together.

Long Capri Style!

School girls love to give new look to their attire every day.So, how can we forget to mention long Capri’s as a perfect outfit for summer season. Gals! Try wearing cute and simple white shirt with blue colored rolled-up Capri for a unique look. It is a dress that makes the school girl feels like a free bird.

Cropped Sweatshirt!

Cropped sweatshirts are super comfortable and you can really turn it into simple yet stylish outfits for school! Try paring your favorite sweatshirt with a distressed and cuffed pair of jeans. Isn’t this outfit idea perfect for your early morning school hours?Don’t forget to wear a pair of your favorite sneakers to complete the look.

Skater Skirts with Collar Shirt

Skater skirts are perfect alternative to wear to class in hot summer days. Try to make really cute outfits for school be wearing a cardigan over the collar shirt paired with a short skater skirt. This outfit will make you look chic all day long!

At last, we can just say – there are several factors that play an important role in the dress of school girls. The selection of outfit differs from occasion to occasion, depends on seasons, the latest trend and the finance available. Still these simple yet stylish outfits for school mentioned above prove to be very effective at helping you learn what type of style looks pretty on you.