20 Simple Yet Charming Hairstyles For Older Men

You reached your forties!! So, change in looks is inevitable, but definitely, it has to be good. Gone are the days when you had to abandon your beauty because of the gray hair. Guys!! Aging is cool as age is simply a number. Appearance makes your personality and it’s time to reprise everyone even at the age of forty. And how will you do that? Well, just get a haircut done and get ready to enjoy the makeover. You still deserve a younger look and it’s possible if you alter your hairstyle.

Today, with the emergence of myriad simple yet charming hairstyles for older men can transform them into a lady killer. From a business-ready style to a rugged beachy look; giving your personality a makeover with haircuts can make you a debonair gentleman. It’s time to get yourself revamped with the below-mentioned simple yet charming hairstyles for older men. So, look good, feel good!!Try cool spike hairstyles for men.

Simple Yet Charming Hairstyles For Older Men


Side Parted Hairdo

If you are in your 60’s, this style is going to embrace your look. The hair dyed with a tempting shade and the sides parted will make you noticeable. Complete the style appropriately with a similar colored moustache.

The Brushed Back Style

It’s a smart way to embrace your charismatic style even in your 50’s. Your locks brushed right at your back with no side parting can let you cut a dash in no time. Maintain the clean texture with a gel and look easygoing amongst the beautiful chicks.

A Classy Long Ponytail

If your hair hasn’t fallen off, you are amongst the fortunate ones!! You can essentially flaunt it well by pulling it into a rugged ponytail. Well, it looks classy on older ones and definitely, this hairdo will never go out of style.

The Perfect Textured Layers

Your thick hair needs a dramatic look. If you cut them into layers featuring a significant length, you can appear from far better to perfect. Mess up the strands a bit and make your life full of joys of the spring.

The Beauty Of Long Hair

If you ensure a healthy life, you can still have those long locks. Maintain them by getting them trimmed every now and then. Not only it creates a volume, but also lets you dominate the world with your smarter look. Let your freak flag fly with some beard on your face.

Try The Neat Pompadour

A pompadour style on an older man looks super cool. It’s a classic hairdo that would offer you best of both worlds of looking smarter. Ensure to keep it neat. Furthermore, if you are not that hip anymore, compromise on undercutting.

The Refined Caesar Cut

Give some edge to your personality with a traditional Caesar cut that’s a simple yet charming hairstyle for older men. With hair extremely short, the top is styled flat and directed in the front. Maintain the spikiness and let your personality do all the talking.

The Undercut Looks Cool

To make a striking impression like a teenager, get your sides undercut. Ensure to keep a longer top with spikes or brush them back. Make sure to trim your beard properly to create an edge.Have a look on some tough looking fade hairstyles for this year.

The Straight Chop Is Easy Going

Your straight thin hair looks super great when they are cut in the same length all around. Just create a soft part. Furthermore, ensure to get the ends slightly thinned so that they don’t appear too blunt. This style can essentially make you a head turner in no time.

So, senior citizens!! Understand that age is just a number. Give your personality a big makeover with the aforesaid simple yet charming hairstyles for older men.