30 Polka Dot Dresses – Cuteness Overload

July 13th, 2017

We are sure that even though most of you were not born in the era that this song was released, you may still know of it. We are talking about the “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dotted bikini” song that was all the rage amongst youngsters in that era. It had many a young lady rushing out to buy a cute yellow polka dotted bikini because it had the double advantage of being cute and sexy at the same time. Yes, polka dots are cute and can be sexy; what is more they can make you smile every time you look at them. We feel knowing all about polka dot dresses when you are planning feminine maternity outfits for pregnant women makes a lot of sense.

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Since the very shape and look of polka dots can make you beam with warmth, polka dots in their various avatars can be a part of the top summer outfit ideas for the warmer climates. In fact, you could use the sunniness and warmth that polka dots generate to put some life into fall is here outfits that require you to prepare for.

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Here, We Are Throwing Some Light On The Different Types Of Polka Dots That You May Have To Deal With, When You Want To Pick Out An Outfit With This Design:

Simple, even, and small dots: These are normally dark colored dots of the same color, size and type that are created on a light background. These are very useful when you are dressing to minimize your curves and want to appear tasteful but with a personal touch of merriment. This can also appear in reverse combination with the lighter colored dots appearing on a darker background.

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