One Should Try Wear Sari Once In A Lifetime (Why-When)

Sari draping is a toughest choice among all other jobs and particularly challenging for a modernized young girl.Wrapping it all around your body in an elegant way, keeping the same length on the bottom, getting the plates correctly and not hurting yourself with pins – all this is very hard to do it yourself, right!But, learning how to wear it perfectly is a must for an Indian woman.

Further, we would like to explain why one should wear sari once in a life?


Surprisingly, sari ranks among top Indian attires, which add instant shine, glamour, grace and sex appeal to the personality of a woman. There are so many dresses that a women can choose to wear like – suits, frill frocks, gowns, but the look which comes in sari is totally unbeatable.Have a look on tulle skirt outfits that can be of many use.

One should try wear sari once in a lifetime as styling sari impressively is something that you have to learn and follow step-by-step instructions to carry it confidently and smartly. You just need to swish around in it like you’re floating on air. No matter what size you have, no matter what event or occasion it is – sari adds an instant glam to your overall appearance. The great thing about sari is that you can make it as much revealing or as covered as possible. Moreover, sari is the attire which stands out in the crowd and makes a woman look complete and adorable. Beautiful Divas! There are different occasions when you can really become fan of various sari styles as it gives you timeless and effortless authentic look.

Personally, I believe that just like sindoor, the bangles, the right make-up technique and the mangalsutram – learning how to drape a sari nicely gives a nice opportunity to a women to get more close to her husband’s family, interesting isn’t it? Today, we would like to share with you few personal experiences in regard to what is the right time one should try wear sari once in a lifetime.

One of the best times to wear a sari is when you’re travelling to your in-laws place for the first time. Gals! Don’t miss this ultimate chance of impressing others with your looks as sari is the only dress which makes you feel special and add stars to your personality.

The other very special occasion of life when anyone would love to accentuate her looks with a sari is at the wedding ceremony of a person close to your heart. Today, South Indian Silk saris and Mysore Silk Saris are ideal for wedding purposes. These saris will give you a majestic and outstanding look.  


The next best place when one should try wear sari once in a lifetime is when you’re heading to an International festival of your college. You can wear a sari with descent embroidery work for an evening casual function. Opt for silk saris such as – Mysore silk sari that gives you pretty look. Moreover, it seems like a lifetime achievement award, when you wear it you will feel like you have achieved everything because it is the garment which gives you a feeling of completeness.

Saris are also great for the office. To meet the requirement of your office environment, you need to dress decently, right! So, make sure you pin up your sari properly because this in turn helps you look more comfortable and manageable.

Well! In the modern world, sari continues to be considered as an economical and easy-to-wear garment…suitable both at work, social gatherings and parties. One should try wear sari once in a lifetime as it makes you feel extremely special. And today, wrapping those six yards of gorgeous fabric around your body is quite easy with the sari app, a step-by-step guide to putting on a Sari in a unique way.Always look classic at office.