8 Mens Fashion Trends That Proved Serious Mistakes

Dressing appropriately is a regular part of a guy’s life and it can really improve your long-term relation with others. Isn’t it, Buddies! Fashion has always been important for you and whenever you step out and head to the office or out of the town with friends, you always want to look best in whatever outfit you wear.Friends, do you know? Even many people first impression judgments are based on your looks and one small fashion mistake can leave a powerful and lasting impact.

If you’re among such person who don’t commit fashion disasters, but tend to make small style mistakes that are holding back your game, then you need to be extremely careful about the way you present yourself. So, here are 8 of the biggest mens fashion trends that proved serious mistakes and are making way too often – try to avoid them!Try strong and stylish beard fashion.

Mens Fashion Trends That Proved Serious Mistakes

Allowing your Trousers to Puddle up your Laces!

Aren’t, there are many ways to make a statement with your clothes such as wearing a nice patterned shirt with a smartly cut blue shirt. Whereas, allowing loosely flowing suit trousers to puddle over the tops, over your shoes like molten rubber is not a right choice.

Wearing a plate Buckled Belt with Suit!

If you’re dressing formally, a metal plate buckle looks tacky and unprofessional. What you will do…hmmm? A classic buckle is the way to go here. Guys! Metal plate buckles really look tacky in general and never try to pair it with your suit and jeans. But, still if you want, it’s completely your choice!

Showing too much Chest!

One of the most common mens fashion trends that proved serious mistakes is showing too much chest area frequently. Here, we would like to suggest you that until and unless you’re heading out to a causal or fancy dress party, never undo more than 2 buttons of your dress or casual shirt. Yeah, this creates bad impression!

Wearing Inappropriately Colored Socks!

Hey, Buddies! Wearing the right pair of socks is a lot more important than you actual think. When you wear white socks with anything that’s business/formal related, shows that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Allowing the Visibility of the top of your Round Neck Undershirt!

Guys! You must wear an undershirt when you’re wearing a button up, otherwise try to choose a V-neck that sits lower and make sure your buttons are done up to a point that will hide that V-neck undershirt.

Not Paying Attention to Accessories!

The most inappropriate mens fashion trends that proved serious mistakes is not accessorizing that way it should actual be.Yes, a beautiful suit is all well and good, but wearing it with wrong shoes, tie or pocket square will ruin all your efforts.

Wearing Exercising Shoes for anything other than exercising!

My Fellow Friends! How many times this happened with you? When you wear your sports shoes anywhere other than the gym, women look at you in a different way. It’s quite obvious, if you’re wearing your exercise shoes on the weekends or at the night with chinos and dressy pants, then you really have to ask yourself why?

Ignoring the Value of Quality Fabrics!

Well, cheap materials can be spotted easily anywhere! But, just tell us guys – what’s the use of wearing materials that will bring a weird shine to the surface of the fabric over time and are simply uncomfortable against the skin?

These are some of the mens fashion trends that proved serious mistakes when it comes to looking their best.So, now you just calculate how many of these mistakes have you made? Which of these are you working on removing from your wardrobe? After all, how you look does reflect your professional experience as well. And, Guys! We would really feel grateful in knowing what your worst fashion mistakes have been and what all methods you tried to overcome them!