8 Key Steps Necessary To Look Rich And Glamorous


Have you ever wondered why celebrities and big models stand out? It’s the style and their unique fashion statement which makes them popular and rich. Now, let’s see how many of you agree with our viewpoint? Today, like celebrities most of the girls want to look cute, beautiful and adorable in whatever fashion style they carry. With the continuous rise in the fashion companies and popular brands, outfits are becoming more and more expensive, stylish and give a cool look with modern flare..! However, middle class gals are unable to afford these costly pieces for their wardrobe. So, what one should do to achieve fashionable and versatile look?


Hey…Beauties! Here, in this post we provide certain key steps necessary to look rich and glamorous which will surely enhance your appearance and you will feel extremely confident in that outfit…you won’t give any chance to your friends to make fun of you!For teens try short haircuts to look gorgeous.

Key Steps Necessary To Look Rich And Glamorous

Follow these simple tips and see the change they bring into your boring look!

Wear Pieces that Fit Well!



If you have a zero figure, make sure you wear pieces that fit well showing off your curves! Also, if you want to hide certain areas that are few pounds extra or heavy, opt for loose dresses and silhouettes and flow them when you walk. It’s a good idea to look figure-flattering! You can even get your clothes tailored if the size is either too big or too small!

Wear Classics!


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Isn’t this sound something exciting! Sticking to classic pieces proves to be one of thekey steps necessary to look rich and glamorous.You can opt for classic fabrics such as – tweed, cashmere, wool, cotton. But, make sure you don’t include polyester in this list!

Pay Attention to Grooming!



Shine like a STAR should be your motto! Your skin, teeth, hair, nails and toes must be well maintained in order to stay glam-up without much make-up! Clean, well-toned make-up, natural looking highlights and neutral color applied polish manicures all contribute in looking rich!

Carry a Structured Bag!



It’s the bag that your fellow friends will recognize without seeing the brand. Shop for leather bags, nothing flashy, no large visible logos. A structured bag always completes the ‘expensive’ look.

Wear Statement Jewelry!



Don’t be afraid to put your jewels at the front and center. You must opt for simple diamond studs to borderline-gaudy statement necklace for an instant upgrade. Looking rich is easy…it’s looking classy that can be tricky! Yes…hmm! When your outfit is basic such as – black pant and a white top, add a statement necklace…and your outfit instantly looks “glam”!

Wear Black!



You all know that black is a neutral color, it goes with everything! Since it’s a bold color, it coordinates well with other pattern and designs. Remember, Sweetheart’s! Monochromatic outfits with slight variation in tone look most sophisticated only in neutral tones like – white, black and beige and serve as important key steps necessary to look rich and glamorous.

Coordinate your Shoes and Bag!



Key to make your outfits look well-polished is to coordinate your shoes and bag in a classy high-class way! Suppose, you are wearing black shoes, then must carry a black bag. Similarly, brown shoes look superb with brown leather bag.

Pay Attention to Details!



Gals! A single smallest detail can create a big impact on your overall appearance! Try to iron all wrinkles, buttons that are hanging – sew them properly, cut out extra threads and polish your shoes before moving out for work – these are the basics that you must pay close attention before heading out of the house.


Hey…Fashionables! Whenever you go for shopping next time, must look for pieces that give you timeless appeal and follow these above mentioned key steps necessary to look rich and glamorous on a serious note!