45 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles to try this year

Wedding season is on our head. Like former years, this year too is going to be a rocking wedding period. Thousands of weddings are solicited every year but each in the most unique and special manner. The element that adds maximum charm and bliss to the weddings is the unusual and fashionable dressing and hairstyling of both men and women. People strive to bring out their best whenever getting ready for a marriage. It is assured that if you are reading this write-up then you are too looking for the best of the ideas for your hairs.

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Women are always seen more concerned and cautious about their hairs. For them, their hairs are their crown. In view of this, coming up are some of the most gorgeous wedding hairstyles to try this year. You would love to flaunt your hairs after trying these.Ladies are crazy about their hairstyles so here are some unique braided hairstyles for you fall in love with. 

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Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles to try this year

The Flat Twist

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If you are looking for an elegant yet simple hairstyle then this one is for you. Flat twist allows you to tie your hairs neatly and provides a beautiful look to them. It is in fact an easy wedding hairstyle. Perform following steps in the same order to get this hairstyle:

  • Part your hairs from the starting of your hairline till neck.
  • Take small section of your hairs and start working on them.
  • Part the hairs into two and twist them one after other till bottom in order to form a twisted layer.
  • Do similarly for the remaining hairs and finally get a flat twist hairstyle for your hairs.

The twist and tuck braid

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There are many DIY wedding hairstyles which you can try this year, the twist and tuck braid though requires some practice. If you can’t do the same it would be great if you take the help of a professional or even your friend. The twisted braid looks best on the wedding night. You can search online and get the steps for the twist and tuck braid.

Side pony-tail

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This one of the oldest hair-look. It is actually believed that women used to tie ponies on one side of the head when there was not much awareness about different and trendy hairstyles. The side pony gives a sweet and cute look to the face making you look adorable.

Side-braided hairstyle

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This is one of the gorgeous wedding hairstyles to try this year. Braids are always preferable as they suit on almost every occasion whether formal or informal. Follow these simple steps and get your side-braids.

  • Make a ponytail on the side
  • Leave an inch of hairs free and braid the remaining portion of the pony-tail.
  • Pull on the braid with fingers and loosen up the hairs.
  • Wrap the hairs into a bun, and tuck them with U-shaped pins.

The waterfall Braid

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This one is best to try if you want to keep your hairs half-tied and half open. One needs to match their hairstyles with their dress. The waterfall braid is a lovely idea and looks best on little curly hairs, especially the big curls. Tie a neat braid from one side to other by taking a small portion of hairs. Leave the remaining hairs open and wavy.

Side-swept curls

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Along with braids curls are also in much demand and fashion. Whether you have straight and sleek hairs or simply curly and wavy hairs, the side-swept curls look amazingly interesting on the wedding nights. The style enlarges your face-cut and makes you look more contended and filled.

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These were some of the popular gorgeous wedding hairstyles to this year. You can search and try many more after consulting your hair-stylist or an expert. But, the main idea is to simply look attractive and flaunt your hairs.Try some perfect winter outfits for college girls.


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