A Bright Handbag Can make any Outfit Look More Attractive (20 Pics)

Nowadays, handbags have become important when a woman leaves the home for work or leisure. No more, it’s limited to supermodels and celebs, but it is now a craze among women. For most of the women, it’s an affordable status anchors that can be matched and mixed with their outfits. Perhaps, a bright handbag can make any outfit look more attractive. Women of this era flaunt it as a unique outward statement of their status, fashion savvy and earning power. In this article, you will find some of the best handbags that every woman should have at least one in their collection.

A Bright Handbag Can make any Outfit Look More Attractive

Leather Day Satchel

It’s a trendy bag made especially for working women. It has the perfect size that suits woman from all heights. It is best when coupled with official apparel. This one has a clean design, which is free from hardware and logos.

Day Clutch handbags

It is a nice portable bag that is useful if you have to often deal with your small accessories inside them. It looks fabulous with blue casual outfits such as denim, sheer tops, and shorts. You will surely enjoy this stylish accessory with yourself.

Cross body handbags

This handbag tops in terms of convenience. It makes you feel like carrying a backpack. You can wear this handbag in both day or night with a medium level of dressings. Its medium size makes it a great date night purse. Make sure to couple it with apparel having neutral colors such as black, brown or white.

Tote handbags

These handbags are big bags to store stuff but they look polished and casual as well. In fact, they seem the most casual purse around. Use them for your casual days when you have lots of things for storing. Actually, there are no specific rules with these handbags. You can wear them when going for casual activities such as picnic, lunch or supermarket. It looks good with your casual outfits.

Metallic Minaudiere handbag

If you have only your smartphone and few accessories to store, then this one is for you. It is an ultra-small but incredibly stylish handbag. You can try it when you have exceptionally dressed up for any special event, party or celebration. Party wears outfit suits the best with this handbag.

Evening Clutch handbag

These handbags are portable and fancy. As the name suggests, this is an evening bag designed especially for special events like wedding or anniversary party. It matches best with prom dresses and other glamorous dresses. Unboring outfits for school girls.

Straw basket handbags

These handbags are ideal for the summers. It has a glimpse of a simple basket. When coupled with summer dresses such as polka dot or bell sleeves, it produces a vintage and ethnic appearance.

Medium sized shoulder bag

They give a posh and sporty look to you. Also, they are portable in carrying. They have usually rich leather and texture in its design. These handbags are ideal when you go for shopping. It suits you in informal as well as in a formal style.

Iconic handbag

Using this handbag will demonstrate your luxurious lifestyle and your classic fashion sense. It is usually a pricier option but the style meters that it raises will compensate the price.  Use this bag with outfits, such as coats, blazers, etc.

Colorful handbags

These are simply handbags in various single colors. You can use them by matching it with your outfit. You can also use them by choosing a contrast/opposite color of your outfit. For an instance, if you have to wear a blue dress, then use a red handbag and so on.

So here we have some of the best handbags with their suitable outfits. A bright handbag can make any outfit look more attractive only if paired suitably.